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Forward-thinking company specializing on corporate services with a main goal to simplify and accelerate all legal, financial & compliance-related issues of any IT business.

Saving your time and minimizing your costs and risks is our main priority.

About us

Our qualified lawyers and experts have long experience in legal support and maintenance of IT businesses in the United Kingdom & Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand.

Ecompliance is a part of multi-industry GuIIiver Limited holding based Gibraltar. The Board Members of our constantly growing own chain of businesses act as a top-level consultants of Ecompliance, so we always have the instant and direct access to the right advises and up-to-date information that will boost your IT business for sure.

Ecompliance team

has «on the ground» and up-to-date experience in the
following sectors of digital economy



Fintech & digital



Gambling &


Flagship products

Turnkey customizable licensed payment provider construction on eSoftware Fintech platform

Launch your FinTech business in 100 days or less. We really make it possible! Ecompliance team has a turnkey solution for the ones who puts the time saving and optimization on the first place. The great combination of existing EU licensed company and PCI DSS and PSD2 compliant Esoftware platform with mobile apps can be set up in less than 100 days with complete customization and your branding.

Ready-made company with same-day Hong Kong bank account setup

Need to start accepting payments in less than 24 hours? We have a solution. Ready-made aged Hong Kong companies with same-day bank account in Hong Kong. Setup requires quick questionnaire and basic set of KYC documents of the beneficial owner.


We make simple and right the following processes of the IT business

Complete Due Diligence of the IT business before acquisition

Found some attractive asset for purchase? Let’s better have professional due diligence first! Our customized approach to due diligence based on traditional and our own checklist will protect you from wrong decision. In 90% cases the entire due diligence process is completed in less than 30 days.

Payment institution, e-money and investment licenses in the United Kingdom, Europe, Hong Kong, Australia, Mauritius and Carribean.

Planning to start your digital payment provided or e-money issuer? We have the experience to get your business live sooner than anyone. Complete knowledge of legal framework in most of IT-friendly regions will be a key to your soonest launch.

Custom solutions for FinTech companies

SEPA, SWIFT, TARGET2 connection and integration, PCI DSS certification for issuing and acquiring MasterCard/Visa Cards, automation of KYC/onboarding of customers and much more can be done by our highly-skilled experts. The price is individual for each case and depends on jurisdiction and customer’s needs.

Regulatory compliance for FinTech companies

Developing of all documents, reporting strategy, business plan writing, passporting rights for PI and EMI and other services to help you staying in compliance with local and international regulations


Turnkey PCI DSS and PSD2 compliant Esoftware platform for FinTech companies

Deploying fully-operating payment platform or e-money issuer website with eSoftware is absolutely real within weeks, not years. Our software suite include large number of modules and submodules like the ways of loading and withdrawing of funds, API, online checkout, mobile apps, automated verification and security features like FaceID & VoiceID.


from € 145,000 one-time fee for deployment and setup

Monthly maintenance fee without mobile apps

from € 4,900 or 54,900 annually

Monthly maintenance fee with mobile apps

from € 8,900 or € 99,900 annually

Intellectual property registration, maintenance and protection

Trademarks and patents made simple by eCompliance, everywhere in the world and at the most competitive prices. Just give us a short details of your needs and our team will turn it into result as soon as it can be done. Guaranteed worldwide trademark registration under Madrid Act in less than 4 months.

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